Thanks, to everyone helping me out last week with thesis topics, I finally decided on one. My topic is Race Represenation in the Media as for my thesis I will be comparing the two movies Bamboozled and Crash. Spike Lee’s Bamboozled is more of a comedy and its more in your face racism that isn’t mostly used or spoken about in society and could make most people feel really uncomfortable. Paul Haggis’ Crash is an Oscar award winning film that shows more suttle racism. I want to compare the two movies in their similarities and differences, the messages that they both bring out to the movie industry and why Crash is an award winning movie compare to Bamboozled when the movie brings up similar topics.

Research Project Topic

For my final paper I wanted to focus on race, ethicity and gender in media. The topic has always interested me how characters from different races were interpreted and represented in the media. The movie that Im thinking about using  is Julie Dash’s “Daughters of the Dust” because it represents Race and Represenation of race in media. I have never seen the movie but from what I looked up it tells a story of the Gullah culture of the sea islands off the coast of South Carolina and Georgia where African folk-ways were maintained well into the 20th Century and was one of the last bastion of these mores in America. Its based around the year 1902.

March 17

Peter Stams works deal with the intersection of race, class, gender and nationality in the international cinema. He argues that they are necessary in the multicultural and post colonial analysis of film.  Stam states that racism and colonialism in the cinema have been the subject of many books and essays. He begins to name titles of books that show stereotyping of black Americans.  I find the topic of Race, gender and class in media very interesting. We see stereotypes in different genres of film all the time. Stam brings up points in film that you cant make it seem like your bending over backwards not to make people angry. He also brings up that you have to be careful wghen making the stereotype victim into the hero because that could end making it look like your appeasing with the gender, race or class that relate to that person and who want to see them in a strong heroic role. Stam does make a valid argument in the reading, but looking over time the rise of women and African American actors as a main role and hero has increased. We see women in horror, and action movies taking a role that was once dominated by men. I think the use of non White males bring a sense of pride and respect to people that aren’t white males.

Most of the readings circled around Third Cinema. The rise of cinema around the world like in Latin America and the Middle East. The artistic culture in other countries is just as good as it is here. Some look at films and only think of popular actors and actresses that are shown in Hollywood, not realizing that there is a whole world of film out that that they haven’t explored. Some of the best films are made in other countries. I can say I’m that type of person. When I watched the Academy Awards I didn’t know any of the nominees for the foreign film award or the short films and they work just as hard to make their films than a Hollywood known film.

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